Santorini Freerunning Competition

25 Athletes, the best in the world will be in Santorini for 1 week from the 1st - 8th October 2017.

Our Greek hero DK (visit FB profile) won the race in 2014 & 2015.

Continuing the tradition of free running competition begun in 2007, Red Bull Art of Motion makes the journey for the seventh year to Santorini, in 2017.

The competitors will amaze with their skillful and creative blend of free running, Parkour, martial arts and gymnastics, set against the unbelievable scenery of Santorini’s cliffs. The rooftops, terraces, swimming pools and domes, called a “parkour paradise”, will comprise the competition obstacle course, in a completely natural free running environment, with no extra construction required. This year the track race will be in Oia, 7th October 2017, 16.00!

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